Quick Hitch
Widely considered the most useful BCS accessory, the Quick Hitch allows you to swap out implements in seconds — without any tools!
  • Exchange implements quickly and without tools.
  • Female bushing mounts to tractor.
  • Male tang mounts to implement.
  • "Empty" tangs available for non-powered implments.
  • Tractor Model 750 uses a unique Quick Hitch system.
Wheel Extensions
Extend the wheels in both directions for to increase overall wheel width.
  • Sold in pairs. 
  • Available in four different overall widths: 4.5", 5.5", 16", & 22".
  • Compatible with every tractor model.
  • Can be combined to create multiple wheel widths according to need.
Bumper Weight Kit
Offset the heavy weight of the Power Harrow or Swivel Rotary Plow for easier turning at the end of the row.
  • Two weights and brackets easily install onto any BCS tractor model.
  • Weights and brackets combine for 28 total pounds.
  • Helps counterbalance heavier attachments like the Power Harrow & Swivel Rotary Plow.
Tach/Hour Meter
Keep accurate tabs on your tractor's maintenance schedule.
  • Keep more accurate tabs on your tractor's maintenance schedule.
  • Toggle between RPMs and Hours while engine is running.
  • Hours displayed while engine is off.
  • Two versions available: Standard & With Oil-Change Alert.
  • Includes 1 year warranty from manufacturer (GDI).
  • Assembled in U.S.A.
Tool Carriers
Tool Carriers and Draw Bars allow you to connect non-powered drag implements behind your BCS tractor.
  • Draw Bar easily attaches to PTO for a strong and durable connection.
  • Required to operate Root Digger, V-Cultivator, and Ridger.
  • Adjustable Tool Carrier offers variable angles of attack for increased versatility.
Power Cradle
Multiply the PTO speed on your BCS tractor, and multiply the possibilities!
  • Increases PTO speed from 990 to 3600 RPMs.
  • "Mini-transmission" has heat treated steel gears and shafts.
  • Includes the Quick Hitch bushing for mounting to implement.
  • Required for powering the Log Splitter, Pressure Washer, and Water Transfer Pump attachments.
PTO Extension
Balance the tractor with lighter attachments for enhanced operation and stability.
  • Extends the PTO connection by 3".
  • Installs on tractor or attachment.
  • Helps counterbalance tractor engine with lighter attachments.
PTO Adapters
Own a BCS tractor made prior to 1995? You'll need this adapter to operate new attachments.
  • Allows new tractors to operate old attachments, and vice versa.
  • Converts spline-drive PTO connection to 3-dog PTO connection.
  • Current 3-dog PTO connection was implemented in 1995.
Wheels and Tires
Choose from an assortment of wheels and tires to best fit your needs.
  • Increases the height of BCS tractors to accommodate certain attachments.
  • Steel Wheels available for increased traction on hillsides.
  • Turf Wheels available for manicured lawn applications.
Wheel Weight Barbell Hangers
An economical and effective way to increase the weight of your BCS tractor — weights not included.
  • Mount to the existing studs on each wheel.
  • Easily add & remove weight as needed.
  • Watch Now: Barbell Weight Hanger Installation Video
  • Barbell weights not included.
  • Each hanger is 8" long.
  • Fits on any BCS wheel size, but the barbell weight diameter may be limited based on rim diameter.
Wheel Weights
Add an important measure of traction to tires when pulling heavy attachments.
  • Bolts onto the hubs of 5"x10'' & 5"x12'' wheels
  • Adds 66 lbs (33 per wheel) to 10'' wheels
  • Adds 150 lbs (75 per wheel) to 12'' wheels
Spiked Wheels
Spiked wheels are a great choice for traversing steep slopes.
  • Unbeatable traction on steep slopes.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Only recommended for tractors with Differential Drive.
Foam-Filled Tires
Increases traction and reduces tire maintenance.
  • Available on 4x10, 5x10, 5x12 or 6.5x12 wheels.
  • Increases weight for additional traction.
  • Reduces tire maintenance.
  • No flat tires, ever.
  • Not to be used in conjuction with Wheel Weights.
750 Transmission Weights
These weights are designed specifically to bolt onto the transmission of Model 750 and are great for increasing traction.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Add 76 total lbs.
  • Compatible with Model 750 only.