Quick Hitch

Widely considered the most useful BCS accessory, the Quick Hitch allows you to swap out implements in seconds — without any tools!

  • $78.00 - 175.00

I own the 30” Tiller, Ridger 2 [Power Ridger], Rotary Plow, and a 24” Flail Mower... The [Power] Ridger works great making raised beds for well drained pepper plants.
Bill C. | Adrian, MI

  • Exchange implements quickly and without tools.
  • Female bushing mounts to tractor.
  • Male tang mounts to implement.
  • "Empty" tangs available for non-powered implments.
  • Tractor Models 660 & 750 use a unique Quick Hitch system.

Easily attach and remove BCS attachments with the flip of a lever!

The Quick Hitch (QH) eliminates using tools to change implements and is widely considered to be the most useful BCS accessory. The Quick Hitch is comprised of a female bushing (mounted to the tractor) and a male tangs (mounted to the powered implements). The tangs are inserted into the bushing, and the red lever is compressed to lock them together.

An empty PTO tang is available for the Snow Blade, Dozer Blade, Buddy Cart, and Tool Carrier Kit (used for the Ridger, Root Digger, V-Cultivator, Subsoiler, and Bedshaper).

Note: The Quick Hitch is only available for tractors made after 1995.

Model 750 and Model 660 feature a unique Quick Hitch system. On these two models, the PTO connection point has an integrated tang, therefore attachments require a special bushing. There are two versions: 2-stud (for most attachments) and 3-stud (for 33'' HD Tiller, Swivel Rotary Plow, 35" Flail Mower, 38" Lawn Mower, and both sizes of Two-Stage Snow Blowers).  Click here to see a video explaining the 750's unique Quick Hitch System.  

Free Quick Hitch Promo:

Receive a FREE Quick Hitch with purchase of select Tractors (Models 722, 732, 852, 853739, 749, 779 & 660) and at least two attachments! Get one tractor bushing and one tang for each PTO-driven attachment* when two or more attachments are purchased at the time of the tractor. Model 750 comes with one 3-stud bushing and additional bushings are included free for any additional attachments purchased at the time of the tractor.

*Some non-PTO driven attachments will qualify for a free Empty Tang (Dozer Blade, Snow Blade, Buddy Cart). Power Harrows do not need a Tang as it is built into their design.