Wheel Weights

Add an important measure of traction to tires when pulling heavy attachments.

  • $595.00 - 800.00

I own the 30” Tiller, Ridger 2 [Power Ridger], Rotary Plow, and a 24” Flail Mower... The [Power] Ridger works great making raised beds for well drained pepper plants.
Bill C. | Adrian, MI

  • Bolts onto the hubs of 5"x10'' & 5"x12'' wheels
  • Adds 66 lbs (33 per wheel) to 10'' wheels
  • Adds 150 lbs (75 per wheel) to 12'' wheels

Adding weight to tractor wheels is often important, particularly when operating non-powered soil-working attachments. Better traction improves performance and safety.

Wheel Weights are required to operate the Moldboard (Bottom) Plows, Root Digger, and other applications in which the tractor weight is insufficient to perform the intended application of the attachment.

There are three Wheel Weight options based on wheel size:

  • Add 66 pounds (33 per wheel) to 10'' wheels (standard wheel size for models 722, 732, 739)
  • Add 150 pounds (75 per wheel) to 12'' wheels (standard wheel size for models 852/853, 749, 750, 770)

150-pound Wheel Weights (75 lbs each) and 12'' wheels are recommended to operate the Moldboard Plows.

Wheel Extensions are recommended along with with Wheel Weights.

BCS also offers a more economical alternative to Wheel Weights: Wheel Weight Barbell Hangers.

For additional weight to improve traction, also consider Foam-Filled Tires.