Spiked Wheels

Spiked wheels are a great choice for traversing steep slopes.

  • $1,699.00 - 2,099.00

I love my BCS 853! It's all about the right tool for the job. A big machine and a small machine both have their place, and together, they compliment each other very well!
Brian | Washington

  • Unbeatable traction on steep slopes.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Only recommended for tractors with Differential Drive.

The BCS Spiked Wheels are a great option for mowing on steep slopes.  They can mount directly to the axles of any BCS tractor, but we highly recommend these wheels only with tractors featuring Differential Drive

Spiked Wheels are available in two sizes: 3x300 (11.8 inches wide) and 4x400 (15.75 inches wide).  The 3x300 version has three rows of spikes, and the 4x400 has four rows of spikes. Both wheel drums are 15'' tall, and each spike is 2'' long, so the "spike to spike" height totals 19''.