Wheel Extensions

Extend the wheels in both directions for to increase overall wheel width.

  • $80.00 - 210.00

The BCS allows us to till only the space we need and adjust the tiller depth so we aren't destroying the entire soil structure. They're lightweight and nimble and help us grow high quality seed here at Heritage Farm!
Seed Savers Exchange | Decorah, IA

  • Sold in pairs. 
  • Available in four different overall widths: 4.5", 5.5", 16", & 22".
  • Compatible with every tractor model.
  • Can be combined to create multiple wheel widths according to need.

BCS offers several options for Wheel Extensions. All can improve stability on hillsides or rough terrain, or straddle garden beds, by increasing the overall wheel width of the BCS tractor.

WATCH NOW: Installing Wheel Extensions on a BCS Two-Wheel Tractor

All versions come in pairs and include:

4.5'' (92243685)

5.5'' (92243622) recommended for building raised beds with the Rotary Plow and Swivel Rotary Plow.

16'' (922EX160) recommended to be used with the 4.5'' version to achieve a suitable width for straddling 30'' raised beds, particularly useful for the Plastic Mulch Layer.

22'' (922EX220) recommended to be used without any other extension to achieve a suitable width for straddling 30'' raised beds.

Of course, any of the options above can be used to simply increase wheel width for additional traction and stability.

The 4.5'' and 5.5'' Wheel Extensions can be stacked to further widen the wheel base. Two sets of the 4.5'' Wheel Extensions can also be used to bolt dual wheels together for increased traction on the ground.