Bumper Weight Kit
Offset the heavy weight of the Power Harrow or Swivel Rotary Plow for easier turning at the end of the row.
  • Two weights and brackets easily install onto any BCS tractor model.
  • Weights and brackets combine for 28 total pounds.
  • Helps counterbalance heavier attachments such as the Power Harrow & Swivel Rotary Plow.
Wheel Weight Barbell Hangers
An economical and effective way to increase the weight of your BCS tractor — weights not included.
  • Mount to the existing studs on each wheel.
  • Easily add & remove weight as needed.
  • Barbell weights not included.
  • Each hanger is 8" long.
  • Fits on any BCS wheel size, but the barbell weight diameter may be limited based on rim diameter.
Wheel Weights
Add an important measure of traction to tires when pulling heavy attachments.
  • Bolts onto the hubs of 4"x8", 5"x10'', & 5"x12'' wheels.
  • Adds 48 lbs (24 per wheel) to 8" wheels.
  • Adds 66 lbs (33 per wheel) to 10'' wheels.
  • Adds 150 lbs (75 per wheel) to 12'' wheels.