750 Transmission Weights

These weights are designed specifically to bolt onto the transmission of Model 750 and are great for increasing traction.

  • $290

The BCS walk behind tractor is used all season long but most significantly it has changed the way we plant dahlias and the way we clean up our fields at the end of the season. Using the rotary plow in the spring we are able to plant 2,000 dahlias in
Gina S, SheGrows | Arvada, CO

  • Sold in pairs.
  • Add 76 total lbs.
  • Compatible with Model 750 only.
If you plan to regularly operate drag implements like the Ridger or Subsoiler and extra traction is a priority, model 750 may be your best bet.  These transmission weights are designed specifically to bolt on to model 750's transmission, adding 76 lbs of total weight.