These videos were created to highlight the best practices when it comes to set-up, service and day-to-day operation of BCS two wheel tractors. Whether you’re a new BCS owner, a lifelong user, or a BCS dealer, we hope you’ll find the videos useful and easy to follow. If you have questions, comments or have a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming video, please contact us or email
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BCS Tractor Setup
BCS Tractor Operation
BCS Rear-Tine Tiller Setup
BCS Quick Hitch Installation Tips
BCS Tiller Tine Replacement (Universal Tines)
BCS Tiller Tine Replacement (Rental Tines)
Installing Wheel Extensions on a BCS Tractor
Installing Dual Wheels on a BCS Tractor
Installing Tach/Hour Meter on a BCS Tractor
BCS Precision Depth Roller Assembly
BCS Rear-Tine Tiller Width Adjustment
BCS Sickle Bar Mower Assembly
BCS Chipper/Shredder Attachment Assembly
BCS Brush Mower Attachment Assembly
BCS Flail Mower Anti-Scalp Roller Installation
BCS Tool Carrier Kit Assembly
BCS Mowing Sulky Attachment Assembly
BCS Utility Trailer Attachment Assembly
BCS Buddy Cart Attachment Assembly
BCS Plastic Mulch Layer Attachment Assembly
BCS Sickle Bar Mower Knife Replacement & Repair
BCS Snow Thrower Shear Bolt Replacement
BCS Power Sweeper Brush Wafer Replacement
Preparing a BCS Tractor Engine for Storage
BCS Tractor Throttle Cable Adjustment
BCS Tractor Throttle Cable Replacement
Transmission Maintenance for PowerSafe BCS Tractors
Changing Transmission Oil on Non-PowerSafe BCS
Removing the BCS Tractor Transmission Cover
Non-PowerSafe BCS Clutch Cable Adjustment
Non-PowerSafe BCS Clutch Cable Replacement
Releasing a Stuck Clutch on a BCS Tractor
BCS Tractor PTO Shaft Repair
Converting BCS Tractor to New Style Clutch