PTO Adapters

Own a BCS tractor made prior to 1995? You'll need this adapter to operate new attachments.

  • $135

I own the 30” Tiller, Ridger 2 [Power Ridger], Rotary Plow, and a 24” Flail Mower... The [Power] Ridger works great making raised beds for well drained pepper plants.
Bill C. | Adrian, MI

  • Allows new tractors to operate old attachments, and vice versa.
  • Converts spline-drive PTO connection to 3-dog PTO connection.
  • Current 3-dog PTO connection was implemented in 1995.

BCS offers two adapters that will help pairing old or new attachments with old or new tractors.

In 1995, BCS changed the PTO configuration on its two-wheel tractors from a splined shaft to a 3-jaw shaft.

The Old Tractor, New Attachment adapter (part 92290832) pairs BCS tractors made prior to 1995 with modern attachments.

The Old Attachment, New Tractor adapter (part 92290831) pairs BCS attachments made prior to 1995 with modern tractors.