Tool Carriers

Tool Carriers and Draw Bars allow you to connect non-powered drag implements behind your BCS tractor.

  • $83.00 - 260.00

I love my BCS 853! It's all about the right tool for the job. A big machine and a small machine both have their place, and together, they compliment each other very well!
Brian | Washington

  • Draw Bar easily attaches to PTO for a strong and durable connection.
  • Required to operate Root Digger, V-Cultivator, and Ridger.
  • Adjustable Tool Carrier offers variable angles of attack for increased versatility.

Tool Carriers can be installed on the tractor's PTO, providing a strong and durable connection for drag implements such as the SubsoilerRidger, V-Cultivator, and Root Digger.

The Draw Bar mounts directly to the PTO via the studs or an Empty Quick Hitch tang if the tractor has the female Quick Hitch bushing installed. The Adjustable Tool Carrier is then fastened onto the Draw Bar Hitch via the included pin and bushing.

A Tool Carrier Kit is available, which includes everything you need to mount drag implements to a BCS tractor.

Only one Draw Bar Hitch and Tool Carrier is needed to operate the range of drag implements (Subsoiler, Ridger, V-Cultivator, Root Digger) offered by the BCS dealer network.

The Tool Carrier is adjustable and allows the operator to set the angle of the implement via an easy-to-use crank handle.

If you already own the Adjustable Tool Carrier and would like to mount it to your PTO for a stronger and more durable connection, you only need to order the Draw Bar Hitch.