Attachment Specific
Hiller / Furrower
Quickly creates planting furrows and hills row crops. Easily attaches to any BCS tiller.
  • Adjustable wings for different row widths, from 12" to 22"
  • Easily slides onto tiller attachment and attaches with a hitch pin
  • Fits on all tiller sizes
Transport Wheel
Raises tiller tines off the ground for faster, easier transporting.
  • Compatible with every size of BCS Rear-Tine Tiller.
  • Raises tines off the ground for easy transportation.
  • Can be stored on 33" Tiller when not in use.
Spreader Expansion Kit
Expand the capacity of the BCS Spreader attachment with this easy-to-install kit.
  • Increases Spreader capacity to 15.3 ft³ heaped.
  • Made of 14 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Made in the USA.
Plastic Mulch Layer Accessories
Upgrade your Plastic Mulch Layer with an optional Drip Tape Layer kit or Onboard Toolbox. Rolls of plastic mulch and drip tape are also available.
  • Rolls of Plastic Mulch in 3' or 4' widths.
  • Drip Tape Layer Kit and 1000' rolls of Drip Tape.
  • Optional Toolbox.
Flail Mower Accessories
Enhance the Flail Mower's performance with these accessories: full-length anti-scalping rollers and "scoop" blades for lawn mowing.
  • Anti-scalp rollers replace the skids and are set at 1/2'' cutting height.
  • Rollers are full-width and available for all flail mower options (24'', 30'', 35'')
  • Lawn mowing "scoop" blades deliver manicured lawn results.
Sickle Bar Mower Accessories
Improve the performance of the single-action Sickle Bar and the Duplex Sickle Bar mowers. Also works with the Power Ridger.
  • Each Sickle Bar Weight Kit is 33 combined pounds.
  • Helps keep smaller bars on the ground when mowing uphill.
  • Designed to also fit Power Ridger attachment.
Dozer Blade Scraper Kit
Create a "Box Scraper" effect for the Dozer Blade.
  • Assists Dozer Blade in grading and scraping loose material.
  • 5/16'' laser cut steel.
  • Powder coated pain finish.
  • Scraper blades are formed rather than welded.
Snow Thrower Shear Bolts
Replacement shear bolts for 24" and 28" single stage BCS Snow Throwers.
  • Replacement set of shear bolts and nuts.
  • Shear bolts are designed to break to prevent damage to the Snow Thrower.
  • Snow Throwers include and extra set of shear bolts.
Snow Thrower Weights
Weight kits to counterbalance engine weight when ascending slopes with a BCS Snow Thrower.
  • 24" kit is 10 lbs.
  • 28" kit is 12 lbs.
  • Hardware included.