Bumper Weight Kit

Offset the heavy weight of the Power Harrow or Swivel Rotary Plow for easier turning at the end of the row.

  • $150

I love my BCS 853! It's all about the right tool for the job. A big machine and a small machine both have their place, and together, they compliment each other very well!
Brian | Washington

  • Two weights and brackets easily install onto any BCS tractor model.
  • Weights and brackets combine for 28 total pounds.
  • Helps counterbalance heavier attachments such as the Power Harrow & Swivel Rotary Plow.

The Bumper Weight Kit easily attaches to the engine bumper of any BCS tractor, and helps to counterbalance the weight of heavier implements such as the Power Harrow and Swivel Rotary Plow. The kit consists of two brackets and two weight plates totaling 28 pounds.

Specifically, when operating the Power Harrow or Swivel Plow, the Bumper Weight Kit makes it much easier to turn the machine at the end of the row.

The brackets are curved to install onto the tubed shape of the BCS tractor's bumper, and each have extended studs to allow for fastening the weight plates with a single 17mm nut and lock washer.

Please note that using the Bumper Weight Kit with lighter implements such as the standard Rotary Plow may result in diminished performance--the implement may not engage to its full depth setting.