Sickle Bar Mower Weights

Improve the performance of the single-action Sickle Bar and the Duplex Sickle Bar mowers. Also works with the Power Ridger.

  • $285

My BCS is an essential piece of equipment on our property. By far my favorite and most used attachment is the flail mower. I attach the sulky and have a seat while I mow the property. This beast will chew up and pulverize whatever it can run over. It has made me the most money out of all the attachments.
Breezy Pines Farm | New Brunswick, Canada

  • Each Sickle Bar Weight Kit is 33 combined pounds.
  • Helps keep smaller bars on the ground when mowing uphill.
  • Designed to also fit Power Ridger attachment.

The BCS Sickle Bar Mower is renowned for its ability to mow hard-to-reach areas and operate in spaces you wouldn't dare take a traditional mower. Similarly, the Dual Action Sickle Bar Mower is the preferred tool for mowing a large acreage of grassland since it can effectively cut while operating in a faster gear.

When climbing steep slopes or traversing severely uneven terrain, both versions of the Sickle Bar can benefit from additional weight on the sickle bar transmission to prevent the mower from being "back-heavy," or heavier on the engine side of the tractor. The Sickle Bar Weight Kit (part number 922C0350) helps keep the implement on the ground and eliminates the need for the operator to lift upward on the handlebars. The kit can be installed on both grease-able and oil bath sickle bar transmissions.

The Sickle Bar Weight Kit is also compatible with the Power Ridger attachment.  

Both versions of the Sickle Bar Mower also have adjustable skids, which can be adjusted up to a 3'' cutting height. The skids are installed on threaded bolt holes on the top of the bar assembly, and are adjusted by tightening its dish-shaped shoes in the desired position. Please note that these skids can be installed only on the Laser version of the Sickle Bar and Duplex mowers.