Flail Mower Accessories

Enhance the Flail Mower's performance with these accessories: full-length anti-scalping rollers and "scoop" blades for lawn mowing.

  • $100.00 - 220.00

I love my 749. It's the only piece of equipment I use all year.
AG | Vine Grove, KY

  • Anti-scalp rollers replace the skids and are set at 1/2'' cutting height.
  • Rollers are full-width and available for all flail mower options (24'', 30'', 35'')
  • Lawn mowing "scoop" blades deliver manicured lawn results.

The Flail Mower is BCS's most versatile mowing attachment. It can mow anything that it bends over, and the height of cut is infinitely adjustable between 1/2" and 4". Set in its lowest setting, the Flail Mower also serves as a self-propelled shredder; capable of reducing material to a small particle size for quick decomposition. Depending on certain circumstances, the following Flail Mower accessories may enhance its range of performance.

Anti-Scalp Roller: These full-width rollers replace the skids and enable the flails to be set at a cutting height of 1/2" without scalping, i.e. contacting the ground, even when mowing on soft soils. Also, because the roller is located closer to the tractor than the skids or caster wheels, it becomes easier to traverse rough terrain (example, mowing through V-ditches). Part numbers 92290892 (24''); 92290893 (30''); and 92290895 (35'').

Lawn Mowing "Scoop" Blades: If your mowing needs change from "off-the-lawn" to lawn, these alternative blades will deliver manicured lawn results. Again, mowing height is infinitely adjustable from 1/2" to 4". Be advised, however, that the changeover time to switch from the standard Y-blades to the "scoop" blades is considerable (approximately 1 hour). Part numbers 59259457 (24''); 59259456 (30''); 59259458 (35'').

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