Snow Thrower Shear Bolts

Replacement shear bolts for 24" and 28" single stage BCS Snow Throwers.

  • $18.95 - 34.95

I feel incredibly empowered by my BCS and I am blessed to also have the rotary plow attachment to make my permanent, minimal-till beds.
Sally R. | Kauai, HI

  • Replacement set of shear bolts and nuts.
  • Shear bolts are designed to break to prevent damage to the Snow Thrower.
  • Snow Throwers include and extra set of shear bolts.

Replacement shear bolts for the 24" or 28" single stage BCS Snow Thrower, and the 28" & 33" Two-Stage Snow Thrower. The kit comes with two shear bolts and all necessary hardware.

Part #:
92259545K (single stage)
BESBK (two-stage)

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