Plastic Mulch Layer Accessories

Upgrade your Plastic Mulch Layer with an optional Drip Tape Layer kit or Onboard Toolbox. Rolls of plastic mulch and drip tape are also available.

  • $40.00 - 150.00

The BCS allows us to till only the space we need and adjust the tiller depth so we aren't destroying the entire soil structure. They're lightweight and nimble and help us grow high quality seed here at Heritage Farm!
Seed Savers Exchange | Decorah, IA

  • Rolls of Plastic Mulch in 3' or 4' widths.
  • Drip Tape Layer Kit and 1000' rolls of Drip Tape.
  • Optional Toolbox.
The BCS Plastic Mulch Layer handles 3' or 4' rolls of plastic, depending on how the support tubes are set.

Installing plastic mulch almost certainly requires the use of drip tape to provide water to the plants. A Drip Tape Layer Kit is available to simultaneously lay one row of drip tape under the plastic as it is being installed. The flange where the tractor connects to the PML is offset from the frame, enabling the operator to perfectly center the drip tape within the growing bed. While up to two Drip Tape Layers may be installed, this set up can be quite heavy. If multiple lines of Drip Tape are required, it is recommended that the tape should be laid manually before the mulch is installed. A 1000' Drip Tape Roll is also available, which features 4'' emitter spacing.

A removable toolbox/storage bin is available. The toolbox features two 18x3" compartments and straddles the frame of the implement. The toolbox is a great way to keep frequently used tools, like utility knives and wrenches, nearby while you work.