Snow Blade Accessories

Optional accessories for the 40" Snow Blade include a Non-Metallic Cutting Edge and a Snow Blade Weight Kit.

  • $200.00 - 225.00

The BCS allows us to till only the space we need and adjust the tiller depth so we aren't destroying the entire soil structure. They're lightweight and nimble and help us grow high quality seed here at Heritage Farm!
Seed Savers Exchange | Decorah, IA

  • Snow Blade Weight Kit adds 20 lbs.
  • Non-Metallic Cutting Edge for vulnerable surfaces.
Optional accessories for the 40" Snow Blade include a Snow Blade Weight Kit and a Non-Metallic Cutting Edge.

Since the Snow Blade is a fairly lightweight attachment, it can benefit from an added counter-weight when it is mounted on tractor models with larger engines.  The 20 lb Snow Blade Weight helps keep the blade firmly on the ground, especially when operating the blade on sidewalks or driveways with a slope.

The Non-Metallic Cutting Edge will help prevent damage when clearing snow from vulnerable surfaces, such as granite.