Snow Thrower Weights

Weight kits to counterbalance engine weight when ascending slopes with a BCS Snow Thrower.

  • $115.00 - 125.00

The BCS allows us to till only the space we need and adjust the tiller depth so we aren't destroying the entire soil structure. They're lightweight and nimble and help us grow high quality seed here at Heritage Farm!
Seed Savers Exchange | Decorah, IA

  • 24" kit is 10 lbs.
  • 28" kit is 12 lbs.
  • Hardware included.

These Weight Kits are intended for both 24'' and 28'' single stage BCS Snow Thrower attachments. The weights are installed directly onto the housing of the attachment, and weigh 10 and 12 pounds, respectively. The weights are useful when the implement is being operated uphill, and also helps counterbalance heavier engines, such as the Honda GX390 featured on models 749 and up.