Power Harrow Accessories

Update older versions of the BCS Power Harrow with current model features like the quick-adjust Josephine Lever and Spring-loaded Metal Sides.

  • $230.00 - 300.00

Using the rotary plow in the spring we are able to plant 2,000 dahlias in 4 hours with a very small team.
Gina S, SheGrows | Arvada, CO

  • Upgrade older Power Harrow models with new features
  • Quick-adjust Josephine Levers replace old-style cranks
  • Spring-loaded Metal Sides replace rubber side flaps
The BCS Power Harrow, built by Les Equipment Thivierge in Quebec, has gone through several model updates since it was introduced.  Two major improvements are available as upgrades to older Power Harrow models.

Power Harrow models produced prior to 2017 had crank-style depth adjustment levers.  Cranking a lever up and down at the end of each row in order to put the Harrow in "transport mode" with the tines off the ground wastes valuable time.  The Josephine Lever allows for instantaneous depth adjustment and makes it much easier to bring the tines back to your preferred depth in a snap.  No more counting crank revolutions in order to get back to the same setting.  

In 2018, the rubber side flaps were replaced with Spring-loaded Metal Side Skirts.  Even heavy-duty rubber wears out over years of regular use, making the new metal sides are a great upgrade for Harrows that see a lot of action.