40" Snow Blade

Adjustable blade positions clear snow from walkways and more.

  • $990

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I love my BCS 853! It's all about the right tool for the job. A big machine and a small machine both have their place, and together, they compliment each other very well!
Brian | Washington

  • 40'' blade width.
  • Replaceable cutting edge and adjustable skids.
  • Blade adjustable to 5 different positions from operator's position.
  • Rounded shape to avoid snow from sticking to blade.
  • Optional non-metallic cutting edge and weight kit for positive surface contact.

The Snow Blade is 40'' wide and perfect for clearing snow off any surface.

Unlike the Dozer Blade, the Snow Blade features a curved shape to help roll snow without it sticking, in addition to an adjustment lever at the operator's control to easily change the angle to five different positions.

Adjustable skids allow the blade to be raised or lowered depending on the terrain—gravel won't be collected when pushing the snow!

An optional non-metallic cutting edge is available for use on fragile surfaces like granite walkways.

Recommended Accessory: Wheel Weights or Wheel Weight Hangers