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Comparison Guide: Snow Removal Implements

Comparison Guide: Snow Removal Implements

WATCH NOW: Check out our video covering all four Snow Removal implements on YouTube.

Depending upon one’s latitude and altitude, snow varies tremendously both in depth and consistency (ranging from wet slush to dry flakes). Consequently, there is no one tool that best serves the needs of every snow event.

BCS covers all the bases when it comes to snow events, but everyone certainly doesn't have a need for all four available snow removal attachments.  The following should help you decide which implement(s) are right for your neck of the woods. 

Snow Blade

For those in the most southerly portions of the snow belt, snowfall rarely exceeds six inches in depth, but it is typically wet/slushy. In this region, the BCS 40” Snow Blade is the logical tool for clearing driveways and sidewalks, especially because the snow usually melts before the next snowfall.
  •  The curved shape of the angled blade efficiently rolls even the most wet snow off to the side.
  •  The angle control lever extends to the operator’s position to make engaging any of the five possible angles both easy and instantaneous.
  •  The blade “floats” side-to-side so that it always lays flat on the entire 40” surface, regardless of the angle setting.
  •  Adjustable skids (no tools required) enable the blade to be raised for use on non-paved surfaces.
  •  An optional non-metallic scraper bar is available for vulnerable surfaces such as granite.

Power Sweeper and 2-Stage Snow Blower

For those in the most northerly portions of the snow belt, frigid temperatures usually result in dry snow. The depth of snow varies by location. For those who receive single events ranging from zero to six inches, the BCS Power Sweeper is the preferred tool. The Power Sweeper is the only type of snow equipment that removes every flake of snow in its path. Particularly for public walkways, this eliminates the possibility of snow residue melting during the day and re-freezing at night and, therefore, precludes the need to apply salt or sand.
  •  To accommodate a range of applications, BCS offers the sweeper in 30”, 40”, and 48” widths.
  •  The angling lever extends to the operator’s position and enables easy and quick adjustment to right, left, or center.
  •  BCS’s all-gear-drive enables the swept snow to be distributed alongside in a swath up to ten feet wide!
  •  The sweeper head “floats” side-to-side for complete ground contact in any position.
  •  Adjustable caster wheels immediately behind the rotating bristles allow for easy maneuverability and quick turns.
For those in the far north and high altitudes, the snow tends to be both dry and DEEP. If single events frequently deposit two feet or more (not to mention drifts even higher), the BCS super heavy-duty Two-Stage Snow Bhrower is the most efficient means of “clearing the way”.
  •  With its 23” high intake opening and 15” diameter auger, the all-gear-driven BCS will handle deep drifts and throw snow up to 45 feet!
  •  Designed for hard use and long life, the unit features a 3/8” steel plate blower housing and cast-iron gearbox.
  •  Shear bolts protect both the intake augers as well as the second stage impeller.
  •  The discharge chute can be rotated horizontally up to 200 degrees. The directional control rod extends to the operator’s position for easy, quick changes – even while moving.
  •  Adjustable skids/rollers (no tools required) enable the blower to be elevated up to 2” for safe operation on unpaved surfaces. As an alternative to skids, the use of rollers improves maneuverability.

Standard Snow Thrower

For most of us, we live between the more mild South and the more frigid North and dealing with snow quite a bit more complicated. After any given snow event, we might encounter depths from 0”- 20” (with drifts even deeper) and consistency ranging from slush to dry. Furthermore, we often experience successive snowfalls within a week’s time, and the limitation of the Blade is that, while it will pile the most recent snow alongside our driveway, it cannot move the accumulated pile from previous events. The performance of the sweeper is limited to dry snow events, so the logical one attachment in which to invest is a Snow Thrower. And, if the vast majority of depths from a single snowfall do not exceed 16”, BCS’s standard Snow Thrower is the logical choice.
  •  The combination of all-gear-drive, an auger speed of more than 1200 revolutions per minute, and close tolerances between the rotating auger and blower housing enable the unit to handle the full spectrum of wet, dry, and icy snows.
  •  The discharge distance is up to 30+ feet!
  •  An intake height of 18” and auger diameter of 11 ½” enable the blower to process up to 16” of depth the full width of the machine. For greater depths, using a portion of the blower’s width to undercut the full height of the drift enables it to easily handle any height up to 30”.
  •  Shear bolts protect the augers from damage.
  •  Skid shoes behind the housing are wide and easily adjusted for height (no tools required); thereby enabling safe use on unpaved surfaces.
  •  The discharge chute can be rotated horizontally up to 180 degrees. The directional control rod extends to the operator’s position for easy, quick changes – even while moving.
  •  Stainless steel discharge chute conducts cold quickly, reduces friction, and never rusts.

Final note: Regardless of location within the snow belt, for public institutions with pedestrian traffic, the “beauty of BCS” is that the same power unit will power a blade, sweeper, and snow thrower. Whenever the snows are dry, the sweeper will be the preferred option since the complete removal of the snow eliminates the likelihood of a “slip-and-fall”. When an inch of slush needs to be removed, the blade replaces hand shoveling. When a major snowfall occurs, the snow thrower clears both driveways and walkways with ease. And for each snow removal tool, BCS provides all-gear-drive performance, dependability, and durability.

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