Power Potato Digger

Eliminate effort required to hand dig potatoes.

  • $3299

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I own the 30” Tiller, Ridger 2 [Power Ridger], Rotary Plow, and a 24” Flail Mower... The [Power] Ridger works great making raised beds for well drained pepper plants.
Bill C. | Adrian, MI


Like magic, the vertical vibratory motion of the Power Potato Digger's digging pan fractures the soil ahead of itself, and enables BCS two-wheel tractors to eliminate the effort required to hand dig potatoes.

The angle of the pan is adjustable, allowing for a maximum penetration of 6” below the level of the two support wheels, which are 14” in diameter and can straddle hill widths ranging from 20” to 30”.

Located behind the 18”-wide pan is a set of horizontally vibrating bars through which the dirt and small stones fall. Plant residues are efficiently moved over the horizontal rods and deposited behind the unit.

Operating with the handlebars offset, turning at the end of the row requires the addition of the Bumper Weight Kit. The attachment weight is 198 pounds and fits models 739 and up.

Watch Now: See the Power Potato Digger harvest a 50’ row of spuds in under 2 minutes on our YouTube channel.

BCS America's Power Potato Digger is manufactured by Italian company Spedo, which specializes in potato planting, ridging, and harvesting equipment.

Required Accessory: Bumper Weight Kit