Breezy Pines Farm | New Brunswick, Canada
My BCS is an essential piece of equipment on our property. I love the 2 stage snow blower.. it eats the snow like a monster and throws it well out of the way. I have run it all day on multiple occasions clearing snow for customers and it always turns heads. The utility trailer it super handy for hauling tools around the property. It gets used often to move and dump dirt or compost. I also use it to clean out the chicken coop twice a year. It doesn't tear up the grass and leave ruts when its wet the way I would by towing my full sized trailer around with my truck. I make money every spring tilling for customers and the rotary plow makes nice raised beds in tidy little rows. More than once I have heard "that's quite the tiller!" By far my favorite and most used attachment is the flail mower. I attach the sulky and have a seat while I mow the property. I do a little at a time because I don't need to worry about how long the grass gets. This beast will chew up and pulverize whatever it can run over. It has made me the most money out of all the attachments. With this and a good clearing saw and chainsaw I have cleared every area of over-growth I have had calls to do. This attachment people love to watch in action as well. I love my BCS. It has saved me thousands by doing the job of mulitple pieces of equipment. No regrets here!

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