Wallkill River Watershed Management Group | New Jersey

The low impact of the BCS 853 with the 47” duplex has proven to be the ideal tool for recovery of tree shelters within some of our sensitive riparian floodplain reforestation project sites!  It cuts like butter through the woody stems of seven foot tall purple loosetrife, phragmites, giant ragweed, Canadian thistle, mugwort, black mustard, and other invasive grasses and forbs making our project sites easily accessible for annual maintenance of shelters and also for hosting education and outreach events for local schools and community members about watershed restoration and environmental stewardship!  

In addition to features like tilting and rotating handle bars, which make transport-ability a piece of cake, the locking/unlocking differential and balance of the 853 with the 47” duplex makes maneuverability around our thousands of tree shelters a breeze.  This equipment has been used for mowing up to six continuous hours a day, for several days per week, for several weeks, across many, many acres of reforested streams.  It remains trouble free with minimal maintenance!  I cannot wait to use the 853 with the 32” Brush Mower on some of our other projects! 

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