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Tractor Wheel Widths, updated

BCS tractor wheel widths are important for many BCS applications. The wheelbase widths, measured from the inside or outside of the tires, ultimately dictates whether an implement can be properly operated.

The following list provides the wheelbase for each tractor's standard wheel size, which is the measurement from outside tire to outside tire.*

  • Models 710 and 718 (4x8x16" wheels): 16" wheelbase width
  • Models 722 and 732 (18" x 4.0" x 10" wheels): 21" wheelbase width standard, adjustable to 18"
  • Model 739 (19" x 5" x 10" wheels): 22" wheelbase width
  • Models 749, 780, 852, and 853 (22" x 5" x 12" wheels): 22" wheelbase width
  • Model 750 (22" x 6.5" x 12" wheels): 25" wheelbase width
  • Model 770/779 (22" x 5" x 12" wheels): 27" wheelbase width

The wheel dimensions are based on overall wheel diameter, tire width, and rim size. For example, the 5" x 10" x 19" wheels are 5" wide with a 10" rim diameter and 19" tire diameter,. To make things simpler, we often refer to wheel sizes by removing the overall wheel diameter; ex: "5x10".

To determine the wheelbase width for the inside dimension, simply reduce the width of BOTH tires from the wheelbase width above. For example, the inside wheel width for Model 739 is 12" (22 - 10 = 12).

Please note that a wheel upgrade may increase the tractor's wheelbase width. For example, if an 853 is upgraded from 5x10 to 6.5x12 wheels, the tractor's wheel width will increase from 22" to 25", as per the list above.

Depending on the size, Wheel Extensions increase the overall base of the tractor. BCS currently offers 4.5'', 5.5 '', 16'', and 22'' extensions to suit various applications.

It's also worthy to note that the inner hubs of the 4x10 and 5x10 wheels can be removed and re-installed onto the exterior brackets of the outer rim, which naturally increase the wheel width 3" total (1.5" on each side).

See the following images depicting how to increase the 5x10 wheel for extra 3" of wheelbase width:


The 6.5 x 12" rims can also be adjusted outward for a total wheelbase increase of 3.5".

Conversely, the inner hubs can be installed inward to decrease wheel width. It decreases the width about 1" on each side, thus decreasing total wheel width by 2". Wheel Weights can not be installed with the inner hubs flipped inward.

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