Zenger Farm | Portland, OR

At Zenger Farm, we grow 3 acres of mixed annual vegetable crops. At our scale, and growing the diversity of crops that we do, the two-wheel BCS tractor is the perfect tool. We currently have a biodiesel BCS and a gasoline-powered BCS (both models 853). We have found these two-wheel tractors to be versatile, maneuverable in tight spaces, and relatively easy to maintain and repair on-farm. An added benefit is that they are lightweight and therefore less compacting on our soil. The attachments that we have and use often are a rear-tine tiller and brush mower. We use the tiller for bed preparation as well as weed management between rows of veggie crops. We also have a (hiller/furrower), which we have used with great success to pull furrows for potato planting and hilling.

Our BCS tractor has exceeded our expectations ever since we received it in July 2013. The diesel engine is designed to deliver more torque which has made a huge difference working our rocky soil. Additionally, we are able to power this tractor with biodiesel made from used cooking oil from area restaurants, using a waste product to power the mowing and tilling work on our farm.

Thanks, BCS!

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