William and Khori | Snow Camp, NC
The two wheel BCS tractor is a superior piece of farming equipment to common garden tillers, but the BCS is also more advanced. For people new to tractors, I find the BCS tractor a lot less intimidating than a drive-able tractor with four wheels while still having the same essential features and controls. A safety device built into the handle of the BCS tractor kills power to the PTO and transmission when the handle is released while allowing the engine to continue running, so the operator can simply let go if they become uncomfortable in a situation. This safety feature enables new tractor operators the opportunity to comfortably learn the principals of using a clutch and PTO along with common transmission controls, and I am personally looking forward to learning the principals of plowing and working land on a small scale with the BCS tractor.  Disrupting weed cycles by preparing beds far in advanced and revisiting multiple times before planting will be feasible, as well as reshaping land, augmenting soil, hilling, furrowing, and trenching will all be possible without the use of hand tools. As soon as the weather allows, we will be working on reshaping the land into our summer farm plots.
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