Model 622 Reaper/Binder

Small scale grains growers can now take control of their schedule and harvest at the optimal time without relying on hiring a custom harvester.

  • $16997

Using the rotary plow in the spring we are able to plant 2,000 dahlias in 4 hours with a very small team.
Gina S, SheGrows | Arvada, CO

  • Cuts, bundles, & ties crops in a single pass
  • Detachable ride-on Sulky
  • Rear-wheel Pedal Steering
  • Differential Drive with On-demand Differential Lockout
  • Chain-driven drop axles 
  • Belt-driven sickle bar & binding unit
  • Best Warranty in the Industry
  • Limited Lifetime Transmission Warranty*
  • 3-year Engine Warranty
  • Shuttle-style Forward/Reverse Control
  • Three Working Speeds
  • Transport Speed 
  • Individual Wheel (Steering) Brakes
  • 51" cutting width
  • 4.5x19x26" Wheels/Tires
Honda GX390
Gear-Driven PTO
Clutch Type:
Flat-plate automotive-type clutch
Axle Configuration:
Chain-driven drop axles; Differential Drive w/ Lockout
Working Gears:
4 forward, 1 reverse
Working Gear Speeds:
F: 3.4, 4.7, 6.2 and 8.8 MPH; R: 3.7 MPH
Standard Wheel/Tire Size:
74” x 142” x 47” with Sulky
1,110 lbs with included Work/Travel Sulky
Individual Wheel (Steering) Brakes:
Parking Brake:
Detachable Sulky:
Yes, with rear-wheel Pedal Steering

The BCS Model 622 Reaper/Binder is new for North America, but has been sold around the world for many years and is a direct descendent of the very first BCS machines built over 80 years ago.  This patented BCS design is a true harvester as it cuts, bundles, and ties crops in a single pass, dramatically reducing harvest time and effort for small grains as well as sesame, lavender, common reeds, and any other crop that requires cutting and tying in heaps or bundles.  Small scale grains growers can now take control of their schedule and harvest at the optimal time without relying on hiring a custom harvester.

Equipped with a 4-forward/1-reverse speed gearbox and powered by a Honda GX390. Three brisk working speeds (3.4, 4.6 & 6.2 mph) will cover large areas quickly. Differential Drive with lockout and individual wheel brakes give the operator optimal control of the machine on any type of terrain. The detachable ride-on Sulky's provides pedal steering via the rear wheel for a surprisingly tight turning radius. A step-on lever near the steering pedals raises the cutter bar to a height of 9" and puts the 622 into transport mode. Fourth gear is a speedy 8.8 mph transport speed for quickly getting where you need to go.

A 77 lb counterweight on the left side of the machine slides into five different positions along the frame. When working uphill or in dry conditions, the weight should be positioned towards the front. When working downhill or in muddy conditions, the weight should be towards the back.

Model 622 features a 51” wide Sickle Bar that cuts plant material 6.75” from the ground.  The forks over the cutter bar move in a continuous pattern, bundling cut crop towards the the binding unit, which ties the material approximately 12” above the cut.  The binder, a BCS patented design, is intended for crops at least 14” tall with a maximum height of approximately 65".  Sheafs (bundles) are tied and then dropped in line parralel to the row.  Four settings allow for varying the size of the tied bundle, from approximately 4" to 10" in diameter.  Sheaf size will vary with material being harvested and operating speed.

Totally unique to the BCS America tractor lineup, Model 622 is dedicated reaper/binder and does not accept interchangeable attachments.