BCS America is proud to partner with Jean-Martin Fortier to share how he uses BCS Two-Wheel Tractors in his brilliant approach to small-scale, organic farming.  JM has informed and inspired countless growers around the world with his best-selling book, , in-person lectures, and online courses.  

"JM Fortier and the Rise of the High Profit Micro Farm" in Modern Farmer magazine (10/10/2016).

"Grow Better, Not Bigger: An Interview with Jean-Martin Fortier" from Mother Earth News (3/2015).

Order you very own copy of JM's best-selling, award-winning book, The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower's Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming, available now!

Farmer Jesse interviews JM on the No-Till Market Garden Podcast (5/3/2021).

Jordan Marr interviews JM on The Ruminant Podcast (3/18/2018).

Listen to Chris Blanchard's interview with JM on the Farmer-to-Farmer Podcast (10/15/2015).