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It's a simple, yet crucial step when setting up a BCS tractor and attachment: the conical washers that attach behind the nuts at the PTO connection point must be "dome side out!"  Whether you're mounting the Quick Hitch bushing or the attachment itself to the PTO studs, it's critical to install the washers with the dome portion facing out--toward the attachment.  

Installed properly, the nut flattens the dome of the washer, and the pressure of the washer against the nut as it tries to return to its original shape "locks" the nut in position.  Installed backwards, the nut is tightened into a cup-shaped washer, there is little contact between the nut and washer,  and is actually WORSE than having no lock washer at all!  Vibration from the machine will loosen the attachment from the tractor, causing the PTO studs to break and/or bend.

If the stud is broken off at the surface of the transmission cover, repair involves drilling and/or using an Easy Out to remove the threaded portion within the PTO transmission cover.  Due to the possibility of damaging the transmission cover--greatly increasing the cost of repair--we recommend consulting with your local dealer to address this issue.

Be sure to install the bushing or implement to the PTO connection point with the conical washers facing out!

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