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PowerSafe Clutch Benefits

What do we mean when we say powersafe?

“PowerSafe®” – the name refers to models of BCS’s all-gear-driven tractors that utilize a hydro-mechanical, wet clutch, versus the traditional spring-loaded, double cone, dry clutch. Developed more than 10 years ago in response to a European Union safety regulation, PowerSafe units are the only models that can be sold in the 28 European Union countries.

The left handlebar on PowerSafe tractors includes
a Parking Brake and an Engine Shut-Off Switch

“Safe power” is achieved by having the operator presence control (OPC) lever connected to one of the hydraulic control valves. When released by the operator, hydraulic pressure no longer compresses the clutch plates, and the tractor wheels and implement immediately stop.

Safe power is also “convenient power” because the engine continues to run when the tractor stops. To resume working, there’s no shifting involved. Simply squeeze both the clutch and OPC levers and then release the clutch lever.

Engine Shut-Off switch

The oil-cooled clutch is also incredibly durable. BCS’s quality control testing for clutches has always required that a clutch survive a minimum of 5,000 engage/disengage cycles. The testing for the PowerSafe clutch was voluntarily discontinued after 20,000 cycles!


  • The factory warranty for the PowerSafe clutch is 5 years, even for commercial/rental applications.
  • PowerSafe models are recommended for applications involving the use of high torque implements, e.g. flail mowers -- especially if used for six or more hours per day.
  • PowerSafe models are recommended for applications involving multiple users, e.g. employees, interns. Current PowerSafe models include the 739, 749, 750, 779, and 780.
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