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New Sickle Bar How-To Videos

Changing the Width of a BCS Sickle Bar
  • The BCS Sickle Bar Mower (and Dual-Action Sickle Bar Mower) consists of two separate pieces: the Sickle Bar Transmission and the Blade Assembly. It is important to note that the transmissions are different for single-action and dual-action bars. But every size of single-action bar can fit on the same single-action transmission and every size of dual-action bar can fit on the same dual-action transmission. If you have a need for more than one size, it isn't necessary to purchase a separate transmission for each bar.
Checking & Changing Gear Oil in a BCS Sickle Bar Transmission:
  • BCS Sickle Bar Mowers have their own oil-bath transmission, separate from the tractor transmission. This video will walk you through the process of checking and changing the oil in a BCS Sickle Bar Mower transmission.
You can find both of these new videos on our How-To Videos page, or on the BCS America YouTube Channel.
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