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How does the Rotary Plow handle rocks?

The Rotary Plow and Swivel Rotary Plow attachments are very unique.   They are capable of easily digging into all types of soil--including sod, hardpan ground, and dirt filled with rocks, while simultaneously discharging the material to the right (or left) side.  Folks have been impressed with its ability to discharge surprisingly large rocks, making them visible for removal during the bed-building process. 

There's been a persistent rumor that the Rotary Plow can loosen basketball-sized rocks from the soil.  We're here to report that it's indeed true. 

While building a garden bed in Texas, Shahar of Texas BCS loosened a 45-pound rock with the Swivel Rotary Plow.

The unit's vertical shaft rotates at 245 RPM, and the plowshares are designed so the operator feels little resistance when encountering rocks.  

While the Rotary Plow is an amazing tool, it's important to remember that it's not invincible.  We recommend removing large rocks that you can see prior to operating the Rotary Plow, and (obviously) don't take it into areas where it's pure rock.


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