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Comparison Guide: BCS & Berta Flail Mowers

Not all flail mowers are created equal. BCS offers two different versions, the original BladeRunner, and the more cover-crop focused RollerBlade.  There are also other Italian flail mowers available in North America, like the one made by Berta. 

The fundamental design difference comparing the BCS BladeRunner vs. Berta flail mowers is that the BCS “Bladerunner” utilizes a high dome deck to process a large volume of vegetation per unit of time. The Berta has a lowered top and compensates for the lack of interior volume by discharging the material more quickly out the back of the deck, via the removable flap or “baffle”. It’s worthy of note that the large tractor-mounted flail mowers seen along roadsides utilize the same high-dome design as BCS BladeRunner Flail Mowers.  

Another difference is that the Berta comes standard with the roller and optional caster wheels, while the BCS BladeRunner comes standard with the caster wheels and an optional roller. The BCS RollerBlade comes standard with a roller.  It does not have optional caster wheels.  Each has its pros and cons, but the key performance advantage to both of the BCS designs is the ability to instantly adjust the cutting height with a crank style handle located on the mower dome. The BladeRunner's cutting height is infinitely variable between 1/2” and 4”, while the RollerBlade is infinitely variable between 1/2" and 2 1/2". The Berta’s cutting height is limited by the setting of the rear roller, and making a change requires wrenches to move the securing bolts to alternative sets of holes.


Other differences include:

  • BCS product is supported by a network of 700+ dealers; versus a limited network for the Berta Flail Mower.
  • Berta has 20”, 26”, 30'', and 34” width options, while BCS offers 24”, 30” and 35” width options and two distinct versions.
  • BCS RollerBlade Flail Mower is for those focused on cover crop management. Read more about the differences here.
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