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Clip the Clutch!

Note:  This post is not intended for PowerSafe tractor (739, 740/749, 750) owners.  The PowerSafe clutch does not have the same double-cone, spring-loaded design as all standard clutch tractors from past and present.  PowerSafe tractors do not have a clip on the clutch lever.

Throughout their years of BCS ownership, some folks tend to forget the key maintenance requirement they must do for their tractor – CLIP THE CLUTCH LEVER!

In the standard BCS double-cone clutch, one cone is connected to, and powered by, the engine, while the other is connected to the transmission drive shaft.  The two cones are separated, and an air gap is created between them when the clutch lever is compressed.   The cones are tightly joined (by an incredibly heavy-duty spring) when the clutch lever is released.

Leaving the clutch lever released (un-clipped) when the tractor is not in use leaves the two cones meshed together.  Over time, the two cones can bond together as the tractor is exposed to moisture in the air.  A bonded or “stuck” clutch will leave the tractor inoperable, and requires the removal of the engine/clutch assembly from the tractor transmission.  For details to repair the clutch, please review Service Bulletin 2-6.  It's not considered a major repair, but the problem is completely preventable.

By clipping the clutch lever via the small metal clip on the underside of the lever, the two cones are left separated (disengaged).  The air gap is created, and the cones cannot bond together. 

Get in the habit of ALWAYS clipping the clutch lever, even if you'll resume work with the machine soon.  It's one of the best preventative maintenance measures you can do for your BCS tractor.

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