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Model 750 (PS)



Meet the big boy of the BCS fleet: the PowerSafe 750. It’s the only BCS tractor with the ability to power the large 33” tiller, made possible by a heavy-duty cast iron mounting flange for increased strength. The 750 comes with a unique quick-attach system for the effortless exchanging of implements.

Designed for the most demanding commercial applications, model 750 is oriented to the tilling needs of commercial market farms and nurseries. The 33” tiller can be reduced to 27”, and can prepare acres of seedbed in a reasonable length of time and cultivate even more. In addition to its length, the 750’s tiller is unique due to its easy-to-use depth control rod and insert to store the transport wheel during operation.

Model 750’s gear reduction mechanisms on the wheel axles enable the large 6.5” x 12” tires to achieve slower ground speeds ideal for both primary and secondary tillage. Conversely, these slower ground speeds reduce the 750’s productivity when mowing. Optional 76-pound transmission weights specifically made for the 750 can also be easily installed on each side of the transmission, as shown in the fifth picture.

The 750’s PowerSafe clutch differs from standard models by utilizing a hydro-mechanical, “wet” clutch instead of the spring-loaded, double-cone clutch.  This clutch is more difficult to overheat because it’s in an oil bath and cooled by circulated oil instead of air, as on the standard clutch. It’s also better suited for implements requiring higher torque, such as the flail mower or chipper/shredder.  The PowerSafe clutch is longer-lasting, backed by a five-year warranty for non-commercial homeowners. It also gives operators smoother shifting, safer operation, and immediate stoppage when the clutch lever is released.

Receive a FREE Quick Hitch bushing with purchase!  Get a 750 bushing for each PTO-driven attachment purchased at the time of the tractor.


  • Individual wheel brakes for increased maneuverability
  • Integrated quick hitch included (third picture to the left)
  • Able to power BCS's largest 33'' tiller
  • Easy-to-use depth control rod on 33'' tiller attachment (fourth picture to the left)
  • Special insert for storing transport wheel on tiller during operation
  • Optional 76-lb weights can be easily installed on transmission housing (fifth picture to the left)
  • Stops power to the implement when the safety lever is released without shutting down the engine
  • Separate control to turn the engine off


Engine: Honda GX390
Electric Start Option: No
Weight: 455 pounds (with 33'' tiller)
Working Speeds: 3 forward, 3 reverse
Working Wheel Speeds: 0.6, 1.4 and 2.1 MPH
Transport Wheel Speed: N/A
Standard Wheel Size: 6.5'' x 12''
Transmission: All Gear Drive
Clutch Type: Hydro-mechanical, "wet"
Axle Configuration: Differential with lockout

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Model 750 (PS)

Model 750 is the only tractor with 6.5” x 12” wheels as standard and can power the largest 33” tiller.

The 750’s integrated PTO system includes a female bushing installed on the 33” tiller and easily mates with the tractor connection point.

The 33” tiller has a unique crank system for adjusting tine depth.

Model 750 has bolt holes on its transmission to easily install weights on either side.  The 750 weights total 76 pounds (sold separately).

Instead of shutting down the engine by releasing the clutch lever, PowerSafe machines like the 750 have an engine shutoff switch on the left handlebar.

All Gear Drive

Featuring heat-treated steel gears & shafts, the all-gear drive transmission on a BCS tractor provides extra durability, unmatched power, and a lower center of gravity for enhanced stability, especially in stony conditions.

Automotive Style Clutch

With no chains to break or belts to slip, the BCS clutch is smooth, safe, and user-friendly.

Precise Balance

The tractor weight is centered over the tines for consistent, uniform pressure. No need to press down on the handles - the machine does all the work!

15-Day Home
Trial Guarantee

Purchase your two-wheel tractor and attachments, and try them at home for up to 15 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can exchange them or receive a complete refund - guaranteed!  With BCS the confidence is built right in.

Supported Attachments for Model 750 (PS)